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Optimizing Design Verification using Machine Learning

Date:  To be Announced    ( Last webinar was on Thursday, June 04, 2020)

Webinar Abstract:

With the growth in complexity and cost of verifying IC’s, there is a critical need to automate Hardware Verification.
In this talk we will explore how Reinforcement Learning/ Machine Learning techniques have the potential to redefine Automated Testing for Software & Hardware.


Sandeep Srinivasan- Founder & CEO, VerifAI Inc
Serial Entrepreneur; Cadence & AMD; Founded 3 Startups; Expertise in building Product & Engineering Teams from ground-up; Technical Expertise in Machine Learning, Software Algorithms & ASIC Design
Multiple patents in the area of Mobile and Machine Learning
Univ of Wisconsin MS EE/CS 


Bill Hughes- Chief Architect, VerifAI Inc
24 years at AMD and 4 years at Samsung; Architect Samsung; AMD Senior Fellow; worked on Micro Architecture & Design of memory systems, caches, load-store units, cache coherency & interconnects
Over 50 patents,
PhD Univ Leeds